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Modeled after the “World Poker Tour” tournaments where you very often see piles of cash on the final table of several millions of dollars, we are doing the same thing for CHESS! There is more information in the “CHESS WARS” rules, but basically we have a knockout tournament starting with 8,192 players. Each player contributes $10,000 USD (the “BUY-IN”)which is pooled to provide the $40,000,000 USD in CASH that will be awarded to the top 1,000 registered players. In addition to the tournament games there are many other fun games with cash and other prizes up to $250,000 USD. There will be an additional total of $5,000,000 in cash and prizes given away. Even if you get knocked out of the tournament on the first round you can still win massive prizes. We encourage all PCA PRO PLAYERS to seek supporters, or backers, for the entry fee. Put 10 people together who all contribute $1,000 USD, or 20 people to contribute $500 USD which will cover the “BUY-IN” amount. Invite them all to the “CHESS WARS” tournament because all of your backers will have the chance to share in your winnings or some of the other prizes that are drawn at random. The final two players in the knockout tournament play on a giant chess board in a best of five blitz games. The stage is set up in the middle of the arena (imagine a world championship boxing match)  and has all the lights, action and suspense because the winner is going to walk off the stage with a check in his/her hands worth $10,000,000 USD CASH! The richest prize ever offered in the 1500 years of chess.

The entire event will be streamed live and shown around the world. This is a great opportunity for you to go down in history as the richest chess player in the world. It will also attract more and more sponsors to you.

The two week event is a huge opportunity to network, have fun, enjoy many social events such as the huge welcoming party, and of course win money for yourself and your support team. There are only 8.192 seats available so grab yours now. As soon as the last  seat is sold, the tournament will start 30 days later. Make a point of checking back here often because the start date will be announced on this website.

The price for membership is $10,000.00 now.

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