Our Story

When we started PCA Professional Chess Association Ltd., we had no idea how fast and how big it would grow. We were pleasantly surprised. In a very short order we were approached by wonderful companies and individuals that have got behind the idea of providing an opportunity for the 700 MILLION active chess players in the world to have some fun, make some money, and most importantly provide some education for children all over the world through PCA chess.

A great motivator for the Founder of PCA Chess was a film called “THE QUEEN OF KATWE”. Its a true story about a young impoverished girl from Uganda who finds chess. You must watch this inspirational film and the story of how she rises through the ranks of the chess world. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry and it will make you cheer her accomplishments.

The founder of PCA chess has been involved for many years in film and television with his programs seen around the world. He loves these ‘underdog’ stories. This young girl found education through chess and so did so many of the children in her impoverished community who attended various universities and became professional engineers, teachers and much more.

This story of “THE QUEEN OF KATWE” has always stuck with him in the back of his mind and he vowed that at some point he would try to provide the same.

Chess and education go hand in hand as many independent studies will attest. Educational franchises always do well but PCA chess is going to take it a step further. Not only will be be teaching chess to children in the Chess College Coffeehouses but we will offer the same opportunity to parents who can enjoy watching their children learn, even play themselves on some new chess technology that we have available and the whole family can enjoy great home made Pizza, Sandwiches and subs, fresh fruit smoothies and much more.

You are probably all familiar with soccer or hockey camps for kids. Well this is what these Chess College coffeehouses will offer young children. What is truly unique is that the children will also be taught how they can play the PCA giant chess games, how to find endorsements, (even at a very young age) and what opportunities there are for them to earn a living in the PCA.

We are so excited by this one of a kind concept, there really is nothing like it anywhere

The first Chess College Coffeehouse is now being planned for opening in 2019. All PCA Chess-VIP members will be invited to the grand opening ceremony to see this amazing facility.

This first facility is designed to maximize the high public profile of PCA Professional Chess Association. It will have massive advertising through local, national and international television shows, tournaments and a global advertising campaign.

The concept of the Chess College Coffee houses is primarily to teach chess to children. However, the Chess College Coffee houses are like having a Subway, a Boston Pizza, a Bakery with wonderful home made breads, all wrapped up into one business.

Because we encourage families and children to attend we make sure that their visit is relaxing, warm and provides everything they need. It’s really like a big living room. Not only do we have our delicious flavorful coffee and tea selection, but we also have great food. All of the food is from home made recipes.

The ambience is warm and inviting and every table in the Chess College Coffee house is using and utilizing some very special technology created in Japan that will allow anyone to play blitz chess if they choose to. It’s just a great fun place to gather.

In the center of the ambient space is a large glassed in classroom, specifically designed for chess to be taught to children. The benefits of Chess are many, and if you haven’t already read the document link on the home page of this web site about the benefits of chess in education, then click on this link here. It is a fantastic endorsement of chess and education. If you have children you will love this collection of various studies showing how beneficial chess can be as a learning tool.

The Benefits of Chess in Education – Waterloo Regional Chess …

However, the Chess College Coffee houses have another purpose. Because PCA is introducing an opportunity for the 700 million active chess players around the world to earn a living from the events that PCA organizes, the chess classes not only teach children how to play chess but they also educate them about how to be in showbiz, how to earn endorsements, and how to act on the television shows and play the giant chess game. In essence its liem avery preliminary life skill that’s being taught.

So not only do they receive all the benefits of what chess as a game can bring, but they are also learning how they might be able to make a living within the PCA Chess organization.

The Chess College Coffee houses are part of the community. Relationships with business’s, local organizations and schools, are encouraged and important to cultivate.

The Chess College Coffee houses should have a very good standing within the community and have a very high standard of operation and management.

So, we are looking for well qualified entrepreneurs to take the territorial rights for every USA State, Every Canadian Province and every other country where chess is played. (Which is most of the world.) If you should be interested then please contact us at:

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Does PCA offer any training?
Yes!  Our Training Program equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to operate your Chess College Coffeehouse. Training is held at PCACHESS head quarters corporate offices and in the actual Coffee House. The cost of our Training Program is included in the franchise fee, although you will have personal expenses including transportation, meals, and accommodations while training. All Chess College Franchise Partners are required to attend and successfully complete the training program.

How are new Chess College Coffeehouse locations selected?
Our real estate strategy is in keeping with how we operate PCA CHESS. Simply put, we believe in quality.  We pursue prime locations with great exposure to pedestrians and/or vehicle traffic, and easy access for customers. We look for the right demographics and the right density of population. Our experienced real estate team performs site selection and lease negotiation in-house. They have a combined 60+ years of experience in commercial real estate and know how to locate a site for a successful Chess College Coffeehouse.

Who designs and builds the new Coffeehouse?
A good coffeehouse is a comfortable, warm and inviting place. Our experienced team manages the design of each Chess College Coffeehouse to suite its surroundings and set the stage for an authentic coffeehouse and chess learning experience. The Franchise Partner signs a Construction Management Agreement and pays for the design, construction, furniture, fixtures, equipment and other materials and services associated with build-out of the location. Co-ordination and management of the construction process is provided by the Chess College team.

Who sets up and opens the Coffeehouse?
Our experienced Operations team commissions each new store with the Franchise Partner. This is done in advance of opening and includes setting up the store, receiving initial inventories, and training staff. The Franchisee hires staff and trains them during the commissioning period.

What is the franchising process and how long will it take?
Our process is relatively simple and includes these necessary steps:
1)      a review of your Franchise Application
2)      a Conversation with a member of our team (by phone or in person) to answer your initial questions
3)      a Chess College Coffeehouse Presentation (in person or via webinar)
4)      Disclosure Documents and Confidentiality Agreement signed, and Refundable Deposit accepted
5)      Chess Day  – an opportunity to meet with key people in our organization one-on-one, so we can get to know one another
6)      Approval and Franchise Awarded
The process of qualifying for a Chess College Coffeehouse franchise can vary, and may take four weeks (minimum) or longer.

How long does it take to open a new Chess College Coffeehouse?
A new location is secured by our real estate department. Once secured, it takes 90-120 days to design the coffeehouse and obtain approvals, permits and pricing. It then takes another 90 days to build your coffeehouse and prepare to open it.  In the case of refranchising an existing coffeehouse, the process is much shorter – requiring time for training the new Franchise Partner and supporting him/her in taking possession of the business.

What are the Royalty and Marketing Fees?
Royalties are remitted to the Franchisor on a weekly basis at the rate of 5% of gross sales. The National Marketing Fund contribution is made on a weekly basis at the rate of 3% of gross sales. In addition to this contribution, each Franchise Partner is required to spend an additional 1-2% of sales on approved Local Store Marketing activities. The Chess College Coffeehouse is in a unique position in that it produces its own international programming that will be distributed around the world. This provides us the opportunity to provide much more publicity and advertising than any other Franchise.

Royalties and Marketing Fees provide for:

  • Ongoing advertising world wide. Trademarks and Operating Systems
  • Operational Field Support
  • Purchasing Power Program
  • Product Research and Development
  • Ongoing Training Programs
  • National Marketing Program
  • Local Marketing Guidance
  • Corporate Communication Programs

What is the typical investment?
The Chess College franchised operations typically requires a total investment of approximately $385,000 to $595,000. This includes the $35,000 franchise fee. However, some people may choose to have our premium designs that provide for a much larger facility in the region of 10,000 sq. ft. Typically the cost will be between $1.500,000 to $2.500,000 The exact amount will vary with each location depending on several factors including the exact size of the store, improvements provided by the Landlord, and other circumstances. Financing is generally available through lending institutions by way of a Small Business Loan. Although the full amount of the investment may be available to an applicant by way of a loan from PCA Professional Chess Association, we will not approve a candidate unless they have a minimum of 60% of the total in cash to invest in the business. We believe this level of investment is required so a franchisee does not embark in the business with an unreasonable debt load.

The total investment provides for:

  • Use of the Chess College name, trademarks, operating system, and quality reputation
  • Benefits of our collective experience, business expertise and advice
  • Site selection and lease negotiation
  • Design and layout of new store
  • Store construction
  • New Franchise Partner training program
  • Initial commissioning of store
  • Assistance at store opening

What do I need to do next?
Contact us by email and ask us for an application form just to get things rolling.   We invite you to meet with us to discuss Chess College opportunities in detail. We can talk via phone, in person or via webinar.  It’s that easy.  We’re looking forward to meeting you!

If you are interested in knowing more about franchise opportunities with Chess College Coffeehouse please request your quick application form here:




Chess College is an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in teaching children by incorporating the game of chess into their lives. The PCA is a professional sports organization and just like other sports such as soccer, swimming, golf and tennis we want to start teaching children while they are young how to play chess.

Chess is a fabulous game to help improve scholastic abilities and we would refer you once again to the home page to read the following link, or read it here.

The Benefits of Chess in Education – Waterloo Regional Chess …

here is an opportunity to not only teach children chess and assist in improving there school marks but also teach them about what  PCA or Professional Chess Association is all about.

Every location has a giant chess game for the “CHESS WARS” games which is fun and also creates a physical activity which sadly most children do not seem to get enough of these days.

We are looking for qualified teachers, both men and women, to establish these CHESS COLLEGE facilities around the world.

Contact us to find out more: