WELCOME to the PCA membership page.

As you will see, we have numerous and exciting opportunities for you to belong and participate in the PCA. Becoming a PCA member is as easy as a just clicking on the blue “REGISTER” buttons once you have decided what kind of membership you want.

In addition you can register for one of the 8,192 seats available in the worlds biggest chess tournaments with a whopping $40,000,000 USD Cash and prizes to be shared by the top 1,000 players.

The first prize is a staggering $10,000,000 USD CASH! The reason we can offer these huge prizes is because we employ the successful “BUY-IN” model that’s employed by “World Poker Tour” for their tournaments.  

All PCA PRO PLAYER tournament contestants must “BUY-IN” which can either be paid by themselves or by a group of ‘backers’, sponsors or advertisers. The “BUY-IN” money is pooled to provide the huge $40,000,000 USD CASH prizes to the top 1,000 chess players in the tournament. So make sure you get your seat reserved.

Space is limited so reserve early. You do not need to be the best chess player in the world to win, you just have to be there.

There are hundreds of other prizes available for all entrants into the “CHESS WARS” tournament worth over $5,000,000. There are also fun contests at our “CHESS WARS” tournaments with great social and networking opportunities for finding sponsors with people from all over the world.

So, here is what is available.

You can join PCA Professional Chess Association for FREE! Just register as a PCA GENERAL MEMBER. 

As a PCA GENERAL MEMBER you indicate to us that you are interested in what we are trying to accomplish and that you support us in our efforts. We really appreciate your support. As a PCA GENERAL MEMBER you will be kept up to date with all the news that will be posted on this PCA web site. You will be able to follow all the exciting success stories about those who enroll as PCA PRO PLAYERS.

At some point, when you see how much the  PCA PRO PLAYERS are earning, we hope it will be exciting enough to convince you to turn into a PCA PRO PLAYER yourself.

The most exciting opportunity is when you register as a PCA PRO PLAYER. This is when your life can change forever!

Becoming a PCA PRO PLAYER allows you to audition for the television shows, enter the PCA events and tournaments and try to win some of the tens of millions of dollars in prize money that’s available. Becoming a PCA PRO PLAYER allows you to start earning endorsement money immediately. There is no limit as to what you can earn.  Let us show you how!

To launch this web site we have made some terrific offers available to our future PCA PRO PLAYERS with great savings available to you.  You can REGISTER as a PCA PRO PLAYER for as little as $10.00 a month on the longer term memberships. It’s a FANTASTIC SAVINGS! There are several options available to everyone. Simply find the membership level that you wish to participate at and click the blue REGISTER button.

However, we do suggest that you register early as these savings could be gone at any time and the full regular price will be implemented!

By Joining PCA  you will be  joining one of the largest, and potentially the most powerful social sports groups in the world with over 700+ MILLION active chess players and great opportunities to earn or win substantial monies.

There is absolutely nothing like PCA Professional Chess Association anywhere on earth. It’s the newest and most exciting sports organization opportunity for ANYONE to belong to. Just one click and you become a true professional Chess player!

There is virtually no barrier to entry as anyone over 12  years old (with parental approval) can become a professional PCA player.

Once you register you will be receiving your PCA PRO PLAYER ID card in the mail and you are eligible to enter any of our professional events, earn money from sponsors, (which can be substantial, even if you are a beginner chess player) and also be selected for the “CHESS WARS” television show and become a television STAR.  If you are selected for the “CHESS WARS” television show you will have the chance to win $1,000,000 USD Cash and other valuable prizes.

We appreciate your support, which helps us fund all of these great activities for the PRO CHESS PLAYERS and attract major sponsors to support these events. The more people that register in PCA, the more we can do to make the PCA Professional Chess Association one of the greatest sports organizations in the world. So thanks once again for all your support!

Please read below about the various memberships available. Decide what membership is best for your purposes and  just click on the REGISTER button. This will take you directly to where you can purchase your membership.

We strongly recommend that you take advantage of the GREAT SAVINGS on the longer term PCA Professional Memberships as it will enable you to start earning money, audition for the television shows and enter the big prize tournaments.

A year from now you could be sitting on a MILLION dollars or more. If you have a success story with PCA let us know and we can arrange for a news article or a video shoot for you to be featured on this web site. We want to know who will be the first PCA member to earn a $1,000,000 USD cash on the earnings leaderboard and $1,000,000 cash on the SPONSORS leaderboard.


PCA GENERAL MEMBERSHIP:                              FREE.                          $ 0.00                    Register

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Anyone may join the Professional Chess Association (PCA) as a General Member. There are no fees for General (PCA) Membership and anyone can register. Younger players, under 18 but over 12 years of age, may register with parental or guardian approval and oversight. A PCA GENERAL MEMBER may  turn professional at any time by upgrading their membership and paying the appropriate professional PCA fees. Turning professional means that a PCA PRO PLAYER may enter as contestants in the television shows, contests and tournaments. To register as a PCA professional, all children 12 years to 18 years of age must have parental or guardian permission and oversight at all times. PCA GENERAL MEMBERS  will receive regular updates and newsletters of PCA events which will be posted on the PCA web site.


PCA PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP                        ANNUAL FEE:            $250.00 USD Register


When members register as a PCA Professional in the Professional Chess Association they will automatically be able to register as professional contestants in the various television shows that have a $1,000,000 cash prize. There are many other fabulous prizes that can be won for every show. Some of these additional prizes include cash, trucks, cars, and cruises. PCA will be producing network television shows for airing every day of the year. These shows will be distributed around the world including on in-flight programming to about 65% of every plane flying anywhere in the world daily. This is a great opportunity for chess players of all ages and skill levels to earn money and raise your profile for possible sponsorships. We encourage all PCA PRO PLAYERS to try to get on the “CHESS WARS” television show. We can only take so many contestants each season so the earlier you register the better chance you have of being selected. Any television appearance will assist you in raising your profile and help you attract sponsorship dollars and attract media attention. In addition to these wonderful prizes, PCA professional members can undertake our PCA sponsorship program. There is no limit to what a PCA chess players can earn from sponsors. This is a special program where we provide the tools, including basic and advanced contracts for any player to obtain sponsorships. ( just as golfers, tennis players, and NASCAR drivers do). This can sometimes be worth millions of dollars. PCA registered professional players can also enter the PCA “CHESS WARS” tournaments with a massive $40,000,000 USD in cash and prizes. “CHESS WARS” tournaments are set up to provide an opportunity for the top 1,000 players in the tournaments to win major cash prizes. In addition to the cash prizes, ALL registrants in the tournaments can also win major prizes such as cars, trips, cruises, safaris, and dozens of other prizes including CASH. You do not have to be the best chess player in the world to win these prizes, you just have to be registered as a PCA PRO PLAYER. In addition to the above you will also be able to create significant income from PCA GEAR which includes all sorts of toys, gadgets, clothing lines where you can buy at wholesale and sell at retail prices. This is a enormous opportunity for everyone. In essence you become a business partner with PCA. As we grow and expand there will be dozens of additional opportunities, including a PCA referral program where you earn $50.00 USD on every PCA Member referral. There is absolutely no limit as to what you can earn. There are many other benefits for PCA professional members so JOIN NOW!

BUT WAIT! If you are going to join as a PCA PRO PLAYER then save a lot of money by registering for a longer term than one year. Try our especially priced  PCA introductory offers for three, five and ten year PCA memberships.  It’s a great SAVING! This special pricing may be withdrawn at any time so make sure you take advantage of these special prices!


PCA PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP                       THREE YEARS            $600.00 USD  Register

 SAVE! ($150.00 USD) by buying a three-year membership in PCA.

PCA PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP                        FIVE YEARS                 $750.00 USD Register

SAVE! ($500.00 USD) by buying a five year membership in PCA

PCA PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP                        TEN YEARS              $1,000,00 USD Register

SAVE! ($1,500.00 USD) on this great deal for membership in PCA

PCA PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP                        LIFETIME                 $2,500.00 USD Register

This lifetime membership is a fantastic savings for any serious PCA chess professional interested in winning major cash prizes and sponsorships. For those with a taste for adventure and who love special surprises, then consider our very special PCA-VIP memberships. To celebrate our launch we are offering one of the BIGGEST savings EVER! But act fast because the sale could end at any time due to demand.


“CHESS WARS” TOURNAMENT “BUY-IN” REGISTRATION.                 $10,000 USD     Register

Modeled after the “World Poker Tour” tournaments where you very often see piles of cash on the final table of several millions of dollars, we are doing the same thing for CHESS! There is more information in the “CHESS WARS” tournament rules, but basically we have a knockout tournament starting with 8,192 players. Each player contributes $10,000 USD (the “BUY-IN”) which is pooled to provide the $40,000,000 USD in CASH that will be awarded to the top 1,000 registered players. In addition to the tournament games there are many other fun games with cash and other prizes up to $250,000 USD. There will be an additional total of $5,000,000 in cash and prizes given away. Even if you get knocked out of the tournament on the first round you can still win massive prizes.

We encourage all PCA PRO PLAYERS to seek supporters, or backers, for the “BUY-IN” entry fee. Put 10 people together who all contribute $1,000 USD, or 20 people to contribute $500 USD which will cover the “BUY-IN” amount. Invite them all to the “CHESS WARS” tournament because all of your backers will have the chance to share in your winnings or some of the other prizes that are drawn at random.

The final two players in the knockout tournament play on a giant chess board in a best of a special 15 round blitz game contest. It is action packed and demands and is a test of body and mind! The stage is set up in the middle of the arena (imagine a world championship boxing match)  and has all the lights, action and suspense because the winner is going to walk off the stage with a check in his/her hands worth $10,000,000 USD CASH! The richest prize ever offered to a chess player in the 2,000 years of chess.

The entire event will be streamed live and shown around the world. This is a great opportunity for you to go down in history as the richest chess player in the world. It will also attract more and more sponsors to you. This contest demands strength of body and mind. You may not be the best player in the world but you could be the most fit and over 15 rounds could tire out a better chess player.

The two week event is a huge opportunity to network, have fun, enjoy many social events such as the huge welcoming party, and of course win money for yourself and your support team. There are only 8.192 seats available so grab yours now. As soon as the last  seat is sold, the tournament will start 30 days later. Make a point of checking back here often because the start date will be announced on this website.

PCA-VIP PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP             LIFETIME           $25,000.00 USD       Register

To celebrate the beginning of our PCA world wide Professional Chess Association launch, we will offer a limited number of PCA-VIP memberships at a SPECTACULAR PRICE of $10,000 USD. This is a SAVINGS of $15,000 USD dollars!

The PCA-VIP membership allows all of the above benefits of being able to enter any PCA contest, television show, tournaments, sponsorship opportunities and any other special events that PCA may hold. But Wait! It’s much more than that. The PCA-VIP membership makes you a very important person to us.

The VIP membership also grants you private and exclusive access to private functions that PCA-VIP may organize. Only PCA-VIP members can access the web site for invites to the various functions, parties, special events for PCA-VIP members and special PCA-VIP chess events for captains of industry. Being a PCA-VIP member could mean you will be at the cast and crew parties from the television shows, business opportunities, other entertainment projects, including appearances in feature films that we are planning to produce to promote PCA and its players. It could also mean an invite to special meetings that we may hold in various parts of the world. We are working on securing a 100 acre PCA headquarters in the Caribbean that will hold numerous social occasions that PCA-VIP members will be invited to.  It’s a great opportunity to network and find sponsorship and business opportunities, and of course to play chess with interesting people from around the world. Become a PCA-VIP MEMBER NOW!


KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE                                $ 1,000,000.00 USD                           Register


This is the Charitable Foundation of the PCA Professional Chess Association.  There are only 250 of these EXCLUSIVE memberships available at any one time. Those people selected to be the PCA KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE will go through a special ceremony welcoming them into the special circle of KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE. Those selected will be awarded the title of KNIGHT and will have a special heraldry insignia designed for them. They will also be awarded the right to be called “Sir” or “Lady”.

This is the PCA charitable foundation that really gives back to the community. The KNIGHTS will be responsible for organizing, at special KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE meetings where the Knights and Lady’s of the Round Table will discuss and plan various causes or philanthropic good deeds that will be implemented around the world in the Name of PCA

The PCA KNIGHTS will represent all that is good in the world. It will be the face of the good deeds of the PCA. A feature film about the PCA Knights Of The Round Table story and what they do, is currently in pre-production. It will be a film that will make you laugh and cry. The cast of characters from all over the world make for riveting entertainment. Any profits from the film will be reinvested back into the trust.

All funds raised by the KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE will be placed into an interest bearing, self-perpetuating trust that will be used for the good deeds and projects around the world that the KNIGHT’s undertake.

If you feel that you would like to be part of this very special group and meet some of the best business and philanthropic people in the world,  then join us and become one of the very special PCA KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE.

If you are an avid chess player or supporter of chess and like the work that this charitable organization does and would like to DONATE to THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE  then we would like to talk to you, please contact us at: