PCA – Professional Chess Association

PCA – Professional Chess Association



What is the PCA?

Think of the PCA as an organization that is exactly the same as the PGA. (Professional Golf Association).

The PCA is structured in such a way that it does exactly the same as the PGA, but for chess players.

PCA wants chess players to enjoy the same levels of professional earnings abilities that other professional sports and games enjoy.

It does not matter whether you are a beginner player or an International Grand Master at chess. If you are serious about earning income from chess, you need to become a professional PCA member.

Even if you are a novice chess player, we will provide you with all the tools you need, and the encouragement, to potentially earn approximately $100,000 USD a year or more. YOUR EARNINGS ARE UNLIMITED. HOW MUCH YOU EARN IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU AND THE EFFORT YOU PUT INTO BUILDING A CAREER AS A PCA PRO PLAYER!

How do you do this? You might ask. The answer is simple.

You do it exactly the same way that other sports and game personalities do. You play a game that you love, and you promote the heck out of yourself. Your earnings potential is unlimited if you put in the effort.

You also are provided opportunities by PCA which include:

a) Member referral programs where you are paid $50.00 USD on every PCA member referral you make. This is great if you are in a chess club, or you have access to other chess players who do not know about PCA yet. Refer 1,000 players a year and you make $50,000 USD!

b) As a PCA PRO PLAYER you can enter any of the “CHESS WARS” tournaments and events that we organize. There is up to $45,000,000 USD dollars in cash and prizes to be won by any skill level player in our “CHESS WARS” tournaments. (Please note. Space in these tournaments is limited 8,192 players so you need to secure your seat ASAP) We can show you how to do that. The top 1,000 PCA PRO PLAYERS will win money in these tournaments. Plus there is $5,000,000 USD in cash and prizes you can win, even if you are knocked out of the “CHESS WARS” tournament in the early rounds. There are many other   fun events with major cash prizes and through random based drawings.

c) As a PCA PRO PLAYER you can audition for any of the television shows, films, documentaries and even commercials for PCA that we will be producing. There is up to $1,000,000 USD Cash, plus other valuable prizes that can be won in the “CHESS WARS” television show. (Please note. Space in the first season of “CHESS WARS” is also limited so you need to get your audition information is as quick as you can. All of the film, documentaries and commercial productions are paying jobs and provide high profiles. We are looking for our PCA Poster faces and television commercials actors right now, so submit a picture if you think you could be the face of PCA Chess.) These are paying jobs!

d) As a PCA PRO PLAYER you can earn endorsements and this is a major potential revenue source.

e) As a PCA PRO PLAYER and as we develop all our PCA CHESS GEAR, which includes a complete line of clothing for both men and women, as well as numerous other items, you can be a reseller of this product and basically be in business for yourself. We provide the goods at a great wholesale price to registered PCA PRO PLAYERS and you can sell them for a profit. Or, you can buy the items for yourself at wholesale price. Work with PCA on this because its a great opportunity to make a living. There is everything from watches, clothing, cars, special items unique to PCA and much more. You will see them on this website under the CHESS GEAR page when they are posted.

f) As a PCA PRO PLAYER we have a performance bonus program for exceptional earners. More on this later, but we expect many millionaires to be made from this program.

As an example of the way to do it, here’s what Roger Federer, one of  the top tennis players earned from endorsements in 2016.

Roger Federer

Endorsement Earnings: $60,000,000

Tournament winnings: $18,000,000
Twitter Followers: 5,330,000
Estimated Cost Per Tweet: $31,660
Notable Endorsement Deals: Wilson | Nike | Rolex | Mercedes-Benz | Gillette | Credit Suisse
Although Federer’s best days on the court are almost certainly behind him, his decade-long reign atop the world rankings has cemented him as tennis’ most marketable superstar. At 34 years old, Federer is the oldest player in the ATP World Tour Ranking’s top 5, sitting at No. 3 behind Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. Much of Federer’s ongoing success as the world’s highest-paid athlete endorser can be linked to several long-term deals he holds with premiere brands including Nike, Mercedes, and Rolex.

Please note where the majority of his earnings came from. It was from ENDORSEMENTS. Most people do not realize the huge potential income from endorsements. Many people don’t even know what an endorsement is.

What PCA does is help you understand how endorsements work. PCA will provide you with all the tools to earn money from endorsements and provide opportunities for you, regardless of your skill level at chess.

But Wait! There’s more. In effect PCA works as your sports “Agent” and ‘Manager’, and when you make money, PCA makes money by earning a 15% commission, this is a standard Agents commission.

Once you become a PCA professional player we will provide you with everything you need to obtain sponsors. We will assign you to one of our “AGENT” teams who will represent you. These “AGENT” teams work on a performance basis and compete against all the other “AGENT” teams in PCA to earn their bonus’s. The better you do and the more you earn, the more they earn. They will advise you how to do this. You will be surprised how easy it is and how much you can earn. Obviously, the better the chess player you are the more your endorsement opportunities, so you do need to continue to practice and improve your game.

You then build a following on social media. The more followers you have the better it is. As a PCA PRO member you will need to take advantage of all the opportunities to enter our PCA events, audition for the television shows and feature films, become involved with all the PCA ancillary product opportunities, and of course, aggressively market yourself.

What’s really cool about the PCA endorsement model is that we also look after your sponsors. We have devised a sponsor program where if you win some big money in the PCA events,  your sponsors will share in your success. This is something new for sponsors.

Typically, when sponsors support a team or a sports person they get the advertising and publicity that comes with such sponsorship.  This is usually classed as an advertising and promotion expense for a sponsor, but by sponsoring you as a professional chess player, sponsor’s  have the chance to turn that expense into a revenue stream that they never had before. This is because 50% of any winnings are shared on a pro-rata basis between you and your sponsors. This could be very substantial for your sponsors.

PCA provides you with all the paperwork to obtain sponsors, as well as the oversight and distribution of funds to sponsors if you win major prizes. This protects both you and your sponsors.

However, the most important element to all this is that PCA provides the platform for you and your sponsors to make it all work.

In order to accomplish this the PCA will be bringing Chess into the mainstream media consciousness by producing daily network television shows. These television shows will be aired everyday of the year and broadcast around the world on both terrestrial broadcast systems, digital platforms to every mobile device, live streaming and world wide inflight programming.

PCA will also be organizing major tournaments and events with major prize money. In fact, PCA will be organizing the richest payouts in sports history. These events will attract world wide media coverage to chess as no one has ever done this before. These opportunities will be made available to all levels of chess players who may register as professional PCA players. Players from 12 years of age and up may register as PCA Professional Players.  (Parental permission required if you are under 18 years of age)

Here are just some of the prizes:

$1,000,000 cash and prizes available to be won on every daily network television show. Any level chess player can apply (as long as they are a registered PCA PRO PLAYER) to be selected for the PCA television show called “CHESS WARS”. Contestants can be as young as 12 years of age (Parental permission required)

$40,000,000 in cash and prizes from PCA tournaments. The top one thousand players in each tournament will win cash and prizes in each tournament, and all players will have the opportunity to win randomly drawn prizes and fun contests worth thousands of dollars.

$5,000,000 in additional cash and prizes to be won during the “CHESS WARS” tournaments through other fun games and random drawings for the audiences members, sponsors, advertisers, players.

There is really no barrier for a personable chess player, or any chess player for that matter, to stop him or her from earning huge amounts of prize money or endorsement dollars.

Later on in this web site you will see three leaderboards. One for cash winnings from PCA events and tournaments, one that is for the sponsorship earnings of each player and one for Knights Of The Round Table which is our special group of supporters dedicated to doing great deeds for chess players and children around the world.

These Leaderboards are a fantastic feature for the chess players and for sponsors alike and will provide great exposure for players and sponsors alike. We would love a PCA chess player, of any skill level, to give Roger Federer a run for his money.

In fact, we will offer a challenge right here and now. The first person to earn $10,000,000 in endorsements as a registered PCA member (*certain rules apply) will receive a bonus amount of $1,000,000 USD CASH.


This is only the beginning. The PCA is developing a complete PCA line of clothing. this includes active wear, special television show “Super Hero” competition suits and much more. As a PCA registered player you can make income by having access to wholesale prices for your friends and sponsors. These are just some of the items under development:

CLOTHING             HATS           T-SHIRTS               HOODIES     MUSIC


PERFUMES            POSTERS              CHESS BOARDS              APPS

TRIPS                    CHESS CRUISES                            TOURNAMENT GEAR



So, register with PCA today and start making money as a PCA Professional Player.

We are excited by the possibilities and who is going to end up on top of the leaderboards.

Go to the “REGISTER” page right now and lets get started!