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We are having so much fun with this “CHESS GEAR” as we look into all the incredible opportunities that PCA is being presented with by various manufacturers. You need to come back to this page often as we update the site and find new and exciting products that will be approved and made available to all our members. All of the “CHESS GEAR” products you will be able to obtain at a wholesale price and resell to create more income for yourselves as PCA PRO PLAYERS.

PCA “CHESS GEAR” ranges from a complete clothing and apparel line, cars, boats, watches, toys, technology, gadgets, luxury items and much more. Some of these “CHESS GEAR” items will also make up some of the amazing prizes that can be won in our PCA tournaments or television shows. For instance, how would you like one of these? A beautiful “SUNSEEKER” sports yacht. We like to think big at PCA. There is nothing we cannot accomplish if we put our minds to it.  As a PCA PRO PLAYER  you are the beneficiary of that thinking. So if you would like a win a luxury yacht, or a week long charter  on a luxury yacht with a group of your friends, then JOIN PCA TODAY!

 Believe it or not we are working at making this luxury yacht a PCA PRO PLAYER grand prize for some lucky chess player. Its the same kind of boat they feature in the James Bond movies. Made by “Sunseeker” these boats are the finest luxury sports yachts in the world. We will also be offering one week cruises on these luxury yachts as some of the prizes in our “CHESS WARS” Tournaments. So bring your friends and lets PARTY!

Or maybe a unique sports car might be more attractive to you. PCA wants to provide the craziest, yet the best prizes ever offered to PCA PRO CHESS PLAYERS.

If you are a company that has a unique product, or service, that you think we might be interested in and  that you would like to market to over 700+ MILLION people around the world then contact us today. Tell us about your product. We want to work with you as much as we want to work with our PCA PRO PLAYERS. Contact us immediately at




There is no limit to the “CHESS GEAR” items. It could be unique watches, chess boards, electronics, puzzles, special trips. If you are a manufacturer just submit it to us to include it on this PCA “CHESS GEAR” page. Through our television shows and tournaments, digital platforms and live streaming we will be covering the world every day as we bring Chess into the mainstream media. Our beautiful hostess of the “CHESS WARS” television show will be a household name and would be delighted to do commercials for you to further enhance your product. We do have in-house capabilities to produce any media content. Here is a picture of Samantha representing a fashion line.

                                                                                                                Samantha. Hostess of “CHESS WARS”.

          PCA APPAREL

We are so very excited to announce that one of our partners, a global apparel company with over 10,000 employees and a fantastic reputation in the apparel business, is going to be working with us in developing a complete line of chess apparel for PCA.

Because of the high profile of  the “CHESS WARS” television shows produced by PCA, that will be shown around the world on a daily basis, we are looking to create something special for our PCA members. We want to involve all chess fans, men and women, in developing our very own PCA fashion line. No one has ever done this before for chess. There are 700+ MILLION chess players around the world and we think its time to have our own fashion line dedicated to chess players! We want to make chess players the ‘coolest’ sexiest, and classiest dressed sportsmen and sportswomen in professional sports. If you have ideas, send them to us for consideration. Just email:

It could even be something like a polo shirt, sweater, track suits, t-shirts, or even a competition suit like a “Star Trek” or “Star Wars” design, but remember, it must be functional and there must be space on the clothing to accommodate sponsors patches and badges. Think of a NASCAR drivers suit and how many patches are on it. That’s all endorsement dollar space which could be extremely valuable to you.

The “CHESS WARS” television show is action packed! “Wait!” An action packed chess Game! Yes, the “CHESS WARS” television game show is played on a 32′ X 32′ giant chess board with giant chess pieces. You have a time limit on the game and you also score points for every chess piece that you capture of your opponents. If there is no ‘checkmate’ prior to the close of time, whoever has the most points wins the game. Its fast, furious, and very entertaining. Contestants not only have to think chess but they also have to be physically in shape. It’s wild and it’s crazy, but so much fun to watch, particularly when there is $1,000,000 USD and other great prizes on the line.

This is why we need special “SUPER HERO” action suits for the television show. We are currently in the early stages of design (links provided below) but the sample Competition suits will be ready in the next few weeks for the contestants that are selected for the “CHESS WARS” television show. AUDITIONS ARE NOW OPEN! SO TRY AND GET ON THE SHOW AND GO FOR $1,000,000 CASH AND PRIZES!

The international company we are partnering with  in the clothing line is UFL, which stands for Uniting Future Legends. (see their logo below) Their parent company, ALPINE CREATIONS  has been designing and manufacturing product for such well known brands as Under Armor, Walmart, George, Everlast, Hanes, and many more for over 35 years. Now they are going to do the same for the PCA!

Check back here often to see what we come up with! Any accepted design  from PCA members that makes it to production will earn $10,000 USD which will go onto your earnings leaderboard.

Ideas and designs should be sent to Please include name and contact information and remember that you must be a PCA registered member.



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