Tournament Registration

Tournament Registration


Thank you for becoming registered PCA PRO PLAYERS and welcome to THE richest CHESS TOURNAMENT in the 2,000 year history of chess. There is an astounding $40,000,000 USD Cash that will be distributed to the top placing 1,000 chess players in the tournament.

In addition to tis there will be additional $5,000,000 USD in cash and prizes that is up for grabs by anyone in the audience, player sponsors, and PCA PRO PLAYERS. Even if you are knocked out in the early rounds of the tournament you can still win part of that $5,000,000 USD in cash and prizes by entering some of the fun chess games we have created such as the “QUEEN TOSS” and the CASTLE SEIGE”.

The tournament is also a fantastic social event for PCA PRO PLAYERS to meet people from all over the world. There will be major companies in attendance, (very much like ‘Scouts’ for basketball or football players) looking for standout personalities to sponsor or become ‘backers’ for.

There are numerous social events like the “PCA WELCOME PARTY” to kick off the two week tournament. Major sponsors will also be holding several parties during the tournament.

There are also numerous seminars by PCA Management explaining the business of endorsements, how to get them, how to build media buzz around yourself, and how the PCA system works and how any player of any skill level can make money as a PCA PRO PLAYER. There will be speakers from major companies who will tell you what they are looking for when they sponsor someone and how much they will sponsor you for.

The “CHESS WARS” tournaments are a MUST ATTEND event to maximize your income from all revenue streams. Bring your friends, supporters, family, sponsors and significant others to cheer you along. This is important because they also will have the opportunity to take home some of that $5,000,000 USD in CASH and PRIZES! Plus they will also have a great deal of fun.

Now, this is important.

You must be a registered PCA PRO PLAYER to enter the tournament and have a shot at winning some of the biggest cash prize in ANY sport or tournament history.

It is essential that you claim your place in the tournament as quickly as possible because there are ONLY 8,192 places available for players, and we expect these places to sell out pretty quickly. Those who miss out will be placed on the ‘preferred contestant’ list which will guarantee them a place in the second “CHESS WARS” tournament.

All you have to do to register for the “CHESS WARS” tournament is go to the REGISTER page and click on the BLUE button.

This will take you to the payment and checkout page and its done! Its a very SIMPLE process. You will receive a payment receipt for your entry fee. As soon as the last entry is received there will be a notice sent to all Contestants advising them of the Date, Time and Place for the tournament which will be held 30-60 days after the last entry fee of the 8,192 players has been received.

We can tell you that the first tournament will be held in Las Vegas and we are currently negotiating with one of the major hotels for the tournament to be held in.

In order to generate the richest prize of any sport we are using a “BUY-IN” system for players to register in the tournaments. This is the same system used so successfully by “World Poker Tour” and how they can have several million dollars in cash for the final players. This is explained elsewhere on this website but we will go over it again.

The “BUY-IN” is $10,000 USD. Now, the player can pay this himself and if he wins anything he gets to keep 100% of what he might win. If the PCA PRO PLAYER does not have the $10,000 himself he can collect 10 sponsors or ‘backers’ who all contribute $1,000 USD and this will cover the “BUY-IN” entry fee. The player can gather any number of sponsors or backers to raise the “BUY-IN” fee. The maximum number of sponsors or ‘backers’ is 80 people who would  all contribute $125.00USD.

However, if the PCA PRO PLAYER chooses to find sponsors and ‘backers’ who provide the “BUY-IN” entry fee the PCA PRO PLAYER, if he wins anything in the form of cash must deliver 50% of whatever he wins to be paid out on a pro-rata basis to his particular group of sponsors or ‘backers’.

ALL entry fees are pooled and held in trust by our auditors who will also oversee the distribution of prize amounts to any and all sponsors of players. PCA PRO PLAYERS must provide a complete list of all their sponsors including names, amounts of sponsorships, email, phone and address. We require this information so that the proper distribution of funds can be made in a timely manner. PCA PRO PLAYERS must look after their sponsors on an ongoing basis because these sponsorships can go on for many years and be very beneficial to both the player and the sponsor.

As PCA grows and there are more and more tournaments scheduled through the year, the cash prizes are expected to become much larger.

Check back to this page often as we will be making various announcements about tournaments.

Lets have some fun!