“CHESS WARS” is a knockout tournament with one of the richest prize payouts in the history of any sport!

There are only 8,192 seats available in this tournament, so make sure that you reserve yours NOW!

Players are already starting to book their places and looking to win some of that $40,000,000 USD CASH and another additional $5,000,000 in valuable prizes and cash. As soon as the “CHESS WARS” Tournament is fully subscribed the fun starts!

In order to launch PCA and the “CHESS WARS” tournament, which is available to enter by any chess player from anywhere in the world, we have organized this chess tournament so that the cash prize payout to PCA PRO CHESS PLAYERS is one thousand chess players deep. This is a fantastic opportunity for 1,000 chess players to win some big bucks!

The first place finisher will be taking home a ‘STAGGERING’ TEN MILLION USD DOLLARS ($10,000,000 USD)!

Second Place will be taking home $2,500,000 USD and then there will be smaller amounts all the way down to the 1,000th player.

In addition to the $40,000,000 USD paid out to the top one thousand players, there will be another $5,000,000 cash and prizes that are able to be won through numerous other skill based games and events during the tournament. In addition to exciting random prizes. This means that anyone registering in the tournament could walk away with some wonderful cash and other valuable tournament prizes. The PCA “CHESS WARS” tournament is a FUN event spread over two weeks. Please remember that only registered PCA Pro Members can participate in this tournament, special PCA events, television shows and other prize contests.

You are all aware of the millions of dollars that other professional sports and games players earn or make, sometimes in the tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. PCA is now creating that same opportunity for PCA registered chess players. This  the first time in the 2,00 year old history of chess that such a fantastic prize has been offered. It’s the richest cash prize ever offered in the 2,000 year history of chess!

Anyone interested in entering this tournament, or appearing on the “CHESS WARS” television shows, where another $200,000,000 USD in cash and other valuable prizes is available, needs to be a fully registered member of the PCA Professional Chess Association Ltd.

Please make a point of reading ALL the information contained below because it explains how PCA registered members can win, or earn huge prizes and have a great deal of fun by being part of this wonderful PCA organization.

PCA wants to make chess a mainstream sport that is classy, sexy, glamorous and fun. We want to promote and  structure chess as a ‘cool’ sport that everyone wants to be part of. But, again the question is HOW DO YOU CREATE AN EVENT THAT ATTRACTS MAINSTREAM MEDIA COVERAGE?

Once again our team of television professionals came up with a wonderful idea. Once again we have added an ENTERTAINMENT value to the game. While the early round of the tournament are normal tournament games the final eight players play a GIANT CHESS game that not only demands a good command of the game but also requires great physical shape, stamina, and endurance. The final matches are a true test of both the body and the mind.

We have provided a brief description below but if you have ever watched any championship boxing, look at the way that it is staged. There is audience anticipation from the moment the boxers walk into the stadium to do battle in the ring. The staging, the drama, suspense all continue to the end of the contest. Finalists will not be boxing but PCA wants to create that same drama and audience anticipation.

Then the magic happens!

The last eight “CHESS WARS” players are like gladiators. The winner walks away with $10,000,000 USD CASH!

There is all the build up, the lights, the music. Even the trash talk in the dressing rooms.  The contestants do the walk through the crowd to the center of the stadium. (Just like a boxing match). The final games will be played on a raised dais (Like a boxing ring without ropes) in the middle of an arena on a 32′ X 32′ giant chess board with giant chess pieces. The “CHESS WARS” battle is actually 15 high speed BLITZ rounds played at 5 minutes each (“Rounds”). It is a battle that demands stamina, strategy, and requires strength in both the body and the mind. The players are introduced, the bell rings and the game is on.  Each time a chess piece is taken a player scores points. (250 for a pawn, 650 for a Knight, 750 for a Castle etc.)  At the end of each 5 minute round, if the game has not been fully resolved with a check mate, whoever has the most points wins the round. There are 15 X 5 minute  rounds of hi speed BLITZ chess that requires huge mental concentration in addition to physical stamina in playing the rounds. Players can have three support team members in their corners during each 1 minute break between rounds. The support team (“Seconds”) provide water, strategy, care. Once the one minute break is up and the players are ready the bell sounds again and the game continues with another “CHESS WARS” round. At the end of the game the referee announces the winning contestant who moves on towards the final. These should be amazingly competitive, cut throat and entertaining games to watch or participate in as the finalists are all playing for the first place prize of :

$10,000,000 USD CASH!


1. As used herein, “PCA”, or “PCA CHESS” means PROFESSIONAL CHESS ASSOCIATION and its parent, affiliates and subsidiary companies. . PCA reserves the right to refuse anyone entry into the Tournament, in its sole and absolute discretion.

 2. Entry into the “CHESS WARS”  (herein “CHESS WARS” or “Tournament” refers to a designated PROFESSIONAL CHESS  event (tournament) at a location in Las Vegas or other location yet to be determined. The actual location and date will be posted on this web site and sent to all registered contestants by email when confirmed.  (Please note that this is not defined as a gambling event and Professionally registered PCA players under the age of 18 but over the age of 12 may attend and register for this tournament with parental or guardian permission and supervision. ) All Contestants must have a current and valid PCA PRO PLAYER Professional Chess identity card along with one other piece of government (ID WITH PICTURE) issued document providing proof of age and nationality. (Passport, drivers license, identity card) showing proof of age, that PCA, acting in its sole and absolute discretion, deems appropriate. Only one entry is allowed per person, per event, as set forth in event descriptions. Entry into the “CHESS WARS” Event #1,  is limited to a maximum of 8,192 persons. Entry into the “CHESS WARS” tournament is on a first come first served basis. Should the tournament be oversubscribed all excess registrants will be registered into the second “CHESS WARS” Tournament on a priority basis as a “CHESS WARS” Contestant Pool”.

3. Participants may register for any scheduled “CHESS WARS” PCA event  up to two months prior to an event’s start date by going to the “REGISTER” page on this web site and simply click of the “CHESS WARS” blue “REGISTER” button and make your payment for the “BUY-IN” entry fee.

Payment by valid credit card, Stripe or PayPal may be used to pay for entry into a PCA event. Payment can be made on this website by going to the “REGISTER” page. Just click on the “CHESS WARS” tournament button and complete payment to ensure your place in the tournament. Space is limited.

All monies are held in trust for the tournament  ‘prize pool’ and prize amounts are determined and issued by our auditors. to be eligible to enter the event all Contestants must be valid card carrying registered members of PCA Professional Chess Association Ltd. . Please make sure that you “REGISTER” as a PCA PRO PLAYER prior to entering the tournament.

All PCA membership cards must not expire during the course of the event or tournament or the player will be disqualified from winning any prize. The start date for the “CHESS WARS” tournament will be announced to start as soon as the last seat available in the tournament is taken. Notice of the start date will be posted on this site so check back often.

4.  The “BUY IN” amount required is the full amount of the event’s entry fee. All contestants will be confirmed as “Contestants” by PCA within 48 hrs of registration. Should it be found that the applicant for some reason is not eligible, then 100% of all entry fees will be credited back to applicant. Please note that upon notification of acceptance into the event or tournament, there WILL BE NO REFUNDS OF APPLICATION FEES! (The reason for this is that the prize pool is determined by the number of entries into the event or tournament which determines the amounts paid out to the top 1,000 chess players.) Thereafter, once confirmed, participants must also register in person at the location for the event with their PCA identification card and a second piece of government issued ID with a picture of the applicant.

All registrants must finalize their registration on site at which time they will receive a “CHESS WARS” “Contestant badge” allowing them to enter any sponsored event during the “CHESS WARS” Tournament. If the Contestant has accompanying guests attending the tournament all guests must be pre-registered on the PCA web site with admissions fully pre-paid. Their guest passes will be waiting for them at the on-site registration desks. Complete instructions regarding guests can be requested from:

Upon registration of guests and contestants all event attendees will be issued tickets to the welcoming party and other social occasions. Participants will be eligible to enter other PCA sponsored events during the tournament including the PCA “Welcome” party and reception with food & champagne being provided. Well drinks are available at the bar with purchased drink tickets. All contestants, no matter how far they may progress in the tournament will be eligible to win numerous cash prizes, trips, cars, and other valuable prizes during the entire tournament, but must be on site to win. Should the tournament be fully subscribed there will be $5,000,000 dollars of cash and prizes distributed to contestants.

5. Third – party registrations for participants are not permitted unless submitted by official PCA sponsors, official PCA promotional partners, or official PCA product licensees. For more information regarding third – party entries please contact PCA at

6. PCA may limit the number of entries into any PCA event and may award entries into any event through any means it deems appropriate. PCA intends to award a limited number of entries through third – party marketing arrangements, to national news media, and or other promotional activities in its sole and absolute discretion. PCA will add the required entry fee(s) to the applicable prize pools.

 7. Participants are responsible for payment of any and all taxes, licenses, registrations and other fees associated with the PCA Tournament registration.
8. Participants must show their current valid and unexpired photo identification ( passpor t, driver’s license, state identification card, or military identification card) acceptable to PCA at the registration desk and/or Registration and Will Call. If a participant is not a U.S. citizen, a current valid and unexpired current passport, foreign government issued Driver’s License – must have a photograph, the date of birth and a valid expiration date, Consular ID or Matricula Consular Card (Mexico only) or alien registration card is required. If the current valid and unexpired photo identification does not include their physical address, a second form of ID that indicates physical address will be required, i.e. driver’s license, utility bill, credit card statement, etc.
9. Participants in the event must have a valid PCA PRO PLAYER registration card in order to enter the event. If in the unlikely event that between the registration date and the tournament start date the PCA PRO PLAYER card has expired (Please check that this does not occur) Contestants will be required to obtain a new three year membership in PCA  prior to registering for any PCA event. If the Registrant has let his PCA membership expire for a period of three (3) months or more in the PCA registrant history data base of that member, then the registrant WILL NOT be allowed to enter the “CHESS WARS” tournament. (*REMINDER. TO ALL PCA MEMBERS. DO NOT LET YOUR PCA MEMBERSHIP EXPIRE. ALWAYS RENEW MEMBERSHIP EARLY!) ( *The logic behind this is that if the PCA member has sponsor agreements that provide a sponsor with shares of winnings, if any, these sponsor agreements will be invalid and this is unfair to Sponsors and the PCA)  

10. Participants are responsible for checking their Tournament entry receipts and entry badges for themselves and for their guests before they leave the registration window. All changes by participants must be made before the start of any event.

11. The Registration  “BUY – IN” for the “CHESS WARS” tournaments is Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000 USD).

The registered PCA player may pay this “Buy – In” fee himself, or, PCA registered players can find a sponsor or group of sponsors to provide this entry fee. (i.e. 10 sponsors @ $1,000.00 USD each), OR, (20 sponsors @$500.00 USD each)

For the “CHESS WARS” tournament PCA Players must provide a list of all such sponsors who may contribute any amount toward the entry fee of a player. Should the player win a major cash prize then Sponsors of the player will earn a 50% position of any cash winnings and PCA through its auditors will oversee the pro-rata cash distributions to any sponsors of any winning player.

Should the “CHESS WARS” event be fully registered with 8,192 registrants it means that the total income for the event will be $81,192,000 USD. The break down for the tournament is that $40,000,000 USD will be issued as prize money to a contestant pool of 1,000 PCA PRO PLAYER registered chess players who have entered the tournament. The “CHESS WARS” tournament with the $40,000,000USD prize pool is the richest sporting event in the world. The “CHESS WARS” tournament is a premiere event for chess players and sponsors as well as attendees to the “CHESS WARS” tournament.

A MASSIVE prize of $10,000,000 USD Cash will be awarded to the first place winner of the “CHESS WARS” tournament. This means that if a player has sponsors the player will keep $5,000,000 and the Sponsors will share on a pro-rata basis $5,000,000 CASH!

$2,500,000  USD Cash will be the prize for second place. $1,000,000 will be for third place runner up and $500,000 for the fourth place finisher.

The remaining funds in the $40,000,000 cash prize pool will be distributed in amounts down to the 1,000th player. The sponsor share formula is in place for all players and sponsors for any cash prize. Out of the remaining $41,192,000 dollars remaining, $5,000,000 will be distributed to attendees and contestants who must be on site in order to win. These prizes will be in the form of cash and kind and will include valuable prizes such as trips, cars, cruises, and other valuable prizes. Besides the “CHESS WARS” tournament, there will be other chess oriented games that will include such events as “THE QUEEN TOSS” ($100,000 USD prize) “THE KING TOSS” ($100,000 USD Prize) “THE KNIGHTS SIEGE” (A very funny baby oil challenge) ($50,000 USD Cash Prize) and many other such skill based games.

The entire event will also be filmed for world wide distribution. Both Contestants and their guests will be eligible to enter these games. A full list of all such games will be provided prior to tournament registration by Contestants and guests. The balance of funds from registrations will go to PCA Professional Chess Association Ltd for ongoing organizational  expenses, marketing and operations. Entry into the tournaments provides an automatic release by players to use their image and likeness for any purpose that PCA chooses in perpetuity.

12.  Any participant who has been eliminated in the early stages of the “CHESS WARS” tournament will still have many opportunities to win significant cash prizes that will be awarded during the course of the event. However, in order to win you must be at the event location in order to claim your prize. PCA cannot stress enough that it is important to attend all hours of the tournament as many PCA registrants will have responsibilities to their sponsors to share winnings. Any PCA registered player who is absent when they have been awarded a prize, which could be a significant amount of cash, will be doing a disservice to their sponsors. Non-show contestants MUST take a professional approach to their sponsors or any such prize that may be awarded will be held by PCA and 100% of any such prize will be shared on a pro-rata basis between the PCA players sponsors with NO prize award going to the player. In the event that the PCA player who is representing sponsors misses such award his professional membership will be suspended or possibly terminated in PCA.

13. Late registrants for any event will be subject to the following rules in addition to all other rules. A late registrant i s defined as a participant who arrives for an event after the Tournament has officially started will automatically be immediately disqualified his game will be forfeited to the benefit of his opponent. The late player will not be eligible to play in any part of the “CHESS WARS” tournament or be eligible to claim any other prize in event. Late arrivals show no respect for the PCA or for any sponsors that may be involved with the player. PCA will not accept ANY excuse or any reason for being late. PCA players MUST always be professional by arriving well before any game starts and should be present at least 90 minutes prior to any game being played in order to confirm where and who they are playing. PCA is going to extraordinary lengths to organize this “CHESS WARS” tournament and ANY delay of game by lateness or unprofessional behavior is unacceptable.

14. Any participant registering for the “CHESS WARS” tournament must understand that once registered his entry fee goes into the prize pool upon which certain disbursements and commitments to winners, attendees, sponsors, television production, marketing and promoters have to be made. As a consequence, no refunds will be made under any circumstances upon withdrawal after registration, for any reason, by the registrant.

15. No Show Policy: Any participant who is late will be considered a “no show.” These participants  will not be eligible to participate in that event or any other prize award. “No-Shows” will be barred from entering any future events.

 16. Employees participating in PCA events.
A) Employees of PCA and its affiliates, contractors or vendors hired for the operation of the PCA, PCA Staff, or any person that is involved in the management of PCA and immediate family members of such employees are not eligible to p articipate in PCA “CHESS WARS”  Events unless approved in advance by PCA, but shall be permitted to participate in  certain “CHESS WARS” tournament Satellite Events as well as the Annual PCA Employee’s Events.

B) Employees of any television network carrying the “CHESS WARS” network or syndicated shows as well as immediate family of any such employees are not eligible to participate in any PCA Events .

 C) Immediate Family is defined as: spouse, children and any relative or other person residing in the employee’s place of residence.
 D) Immediate family members of employees of PCA or Supervision Entertainment, or its affiliates who are not involved with the operation or management of PCA and who meet the guidelines of Supervision Entertainment’s Employee Policies regarding such events shall be permitted to participate in all PCA events.
 E) Employees should refer to their Employee Handbook and request permission from their respective department supervisor prior to participating in any PCA event.

17. Individuals who are excluded from television game shows for any reason, or from competing in chess tournaments for any reason either through a government program or by their own request, or by any chess organization are not eligible.

18. Each participant must certify his or her own eligibility.

19. No substitutes, transfers or assisted play will be permitted.

 20. Any PCA member who may have registered but for whatever reason cannot attend the “CHESS WARS” tournament must inform the PCA of his inability to attend. The Cancellation Form must be signed and received prior to the start of a particular event. Email notification is also acceptable provided such notification is received and approved by PCA prior to the start of the event.

21. Information received from guest and contestant entries will be retained for record – keeping purposes in accordance with local legal requirements.

 22. Participant acknowledges that the PCA “CHESS WARS” tournament will be recorded and published in and through various mediums and media now known and may be known in the future and that all distribution rights regarding such content are the sole property of PCA. 


23. Tournament times and scheduling are currently being confirmed but as of now are approximate. PCA reserves the right to change PCA Tournament times in its sole and absolute discretion.

24. PCA may cancel, modify, relocate or reschedule the event or any individual event within the “CHESS WARS” tournament  for any reason with prior notification, to the extent such is required.

 25. PCA is not responsible for electronic transmission errors or delays resulting in omission, interruption, deletion, defect , delay in operations or transmission, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to or alterations of entry materials, or for technical, hardware, software, or telephone failures of any kind, lost or unavailable connections, fraud, incomplete, garbled, or delayed computer transmissions, whether caused by PCA, users, or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the promotion or by any technical or human error that may occur in the processing of submissions, any of which may limit, restrict, or prevent a participant’s ability to participate in the Tournament.

26. PCA is not responsible for injuries or losses arising or resulting from participation in the PCA or “CHESS WARS” events and is not liable for a ny acts or omissions by employees, whether negligent or willful, in the conduct of the PCA, and is not liable in the event of any equipment or software malfunction. This includes, but is not limited to, any loss of any personal belongings participants may leave at playing tables during the “CHESS WARS” Tournament play.

27. If for any reason the Tournament is not capable of running as planned, including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes within or beyond the control of PCA that corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this Tournament, PCA reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Tournament.


 28. Prizes and entries are non – transferable. Prize structures depend on the number of entrants and type of event. Prizes are paid out as posted. Should the “CHESS WARS” tournament have less than the maximum number of chess players registered to provide the $40,000,000 USD cash prize then the prize will be adjusted as determined by the number of registrants.
29. Winners are responsible for payment of any and all taxes, licenses, registrations and other fees associated with Tournament prizes.

30. Winners must show their current valid and unexpired photo identification ( passport, driver’s license, state identification card, or military identification card) acceptable to PCA in order to collect prizes. If a participant is not a U.S. citizen, a current valid and unexpired photo identification passport, foreign government issued Driver’s License – must have a photograph, the date of birth and a valid expiration date, consular identification or alien registration card is required. If the current valid and expired photo identification does not include their physical address, a second form of ID that indicates physical address will be required, i.e. driver’s license, utility bill, credit card statement, etc. PCA will check and double check ID and eligibility and conduct all necessary validation of contestants should the major cash prizes be won.

31. Entrants will be assigned to a table and seat through a random computer selection.

32. A random seating draw for an event will be determined based on expected participation.

33. If an event participant is not present at the start of a Tournament event his game will be forfeited in favor of his opponent. As the “CHESS WARS” tournament is a knockout tournament the forfeiting player will not be able to continue as a contestant in the “CHESS WARS” tournament. However, the Contestant and his guests/sponsors will still be eligible for secondary prizes but they must be on site in order to claim them.

34. PCA reserves the right to cancel, change or modify the “CHESS WARS” tournament at any time, for any reason, subject to all applicable regulatory approval, provided that such modification shall not, as of the date of such modification, materially alter or change any participant’s prize already awarded.


35. A. The competitive integrity of all Tournament play at the PCA “CHESS WARS” is paramount. All participants must adhere to the spirit and letter of the Official Rules of the “CHESS WARS” tournament  that forbid play or any action that is illegal, unethical or constitutes cheating or collusion in any form.

 i. Cheating is defined as any act a person engages in to break the established rules of play to gain an advantage.

ii. Cheating includes, but is not limited to, acts such as: collusion;  or the use of any kind of cheating device. The oversight of the security of the tournament is provided by the number one chess site in the world. They have developed procedures and algorithms to detect cheating that are very effective. Numerous officials from will be especially assigned to watch for an kind of cheating. They will have the advantage of multiple cameras in the location that will track every player.

iii. Collusion is defined as any agreement between or among two (2) or more participants to engage in illegal or unethical acts against other participants.

iv. Collusion includes, but is not limited to, acts such as: soft play; sharing chess moves information with another participant; sending or receiving signals from or to another participant; the use of electronic communication with the intent to facilitate collusion; and any other act that PCA or deems inappropriate.

 B. All participants are entitled to expect civility and courtesy from one another at every Tournament table and throughout the Tournament area. Any individual who encounters behavior that is not civil or courteous — or is abusive in any way — is encouraged to immediately contact a Tournament official. Participants who violate this rule are subject to forfeiture of there game or immediate expulsion from the tournament.

C. This rule shall include, but is not limited to, any participant whose personal hygiene has become disruptive to the other participants seated at their table. The determination as to whether an individual’s personal hygiene is disruptive to other participants shall be determined by the Tournament Staff which may, in its discretion, implement sanctions upon any such participant who refuses to remedy the situation in a manner satisfactory to PCA.

D. PCA will penalize any act that, in the sole and absolute discretion of PCA, is inconsistent with the official rules or best interests of the Tournament.

E. Anyone found to have engaged in or attempted to engage in any act that Tournament officials believe in their sole and absolute discretion compromises or could compromise the competitive integrity of the “CHESS WARS” tournament  will be subject to sanctions imposed by PCA. The nature and extent of the sanctions imposed shall be in the sole and absolute discretion of PCA and may include, but shall not be limited to, the following:







F. Any and all violations of this Code of Participant Conduct may be publicly disclosed in an ef fort to deter future violations and to assist other Chess Tournaments in identifying participants who engage in play or any action that is illegal, unethical, or constitutes cheating or collusion in any form.

36. In addition PCA may impose penalties of any kind or nature upon any person who gives, makes, issues, authorizes or endorses any statement or action having, or designed to have, an effect prejudicial or detrimental to the best interest of the Tournament as determined by PCA, acting in its sole and absolute discretion. This may include, but shall not be limited to, expulsion from the event and property, forfeiture of a participant’s entry fee(s) and/or loss of the right to participate in this and/or any other Tournament conducted by PCA. Additionally, PCA may in its sole and absolute discretion impose penalties of any kind or nature upon any person who, in PCA’s view engages in inappropriate conduct during Tournament play.

37. PCA, in its sole and absolute discretion, may also disqualify any person from receiving any prize based upon fraud, dishonesty, violation of promotional rules or other misconduct while on the property, for acts otherwise occurring in relation to the “CHESS WARS” tournament, or as otherwise reasonable or necessary for PCA to comply with applicable statutes and regulations. PCA also reserves the right to exclude any individual(s) acting in a disruptive or inappropriate manner or counter to the best interests of the Tournament. In blatant cases of fraud PCA reserves the right to inform law enforcement of such acts and will vigorously pursue any charges against that person.

38. Any attempt by any person to deliberately damage, corrupt or undermine the operation of the “CHESS WARS” Tournament may be a viol ation of criminal and civil laws. Should such an attempt be made, PCA reserves the right to seek damages from any such person to the fullest extent of the law.

 39. All decisions regarding the interpretation of “CHESS WARS” Rules, participant eligibility, scheduling and staging of the Tournament, and penalties for misconduct lie solely with PCA, whose decisions are final.

40. PCA employees will use reasonable efforts to consider the best interests of the Tournament and fairness as the top priority in the decision – making process, with the understanding that “best interests of the Tournament and fairness” shall be determined by PCA, acting in its sole and absolute discretion. Unusual circumstances can, on occasion, dictate that the technical interpretation of the rules be balanced against the interest of fairness. PCA’s decisions are final and cannot be appealed and shall not give rise  to any claim for monetary damages, as each participant understands that, while Chess is primarily and largely a game of skill, the outcome of any particular game or event is dependent on many factors, including, but not limited to, the actions of other participants.

41. PCA prohibits the use of obscene or foul language in any public area of the event at any time. Any participant who uses such language or makes a foul, profane, obscene or vulgar statement, or speaks abusively or in an intimidating manner to another participant, an official or a Tournament staff member, will be penalized and such penalties will include the option of expulsion from the premises and the tournament.

 42. Any participant who taunts another participant through theatrics or gestures or engages in any form of inappropriate behavior intended to disrupt other players in the tournament will be subject to a penalty that will include expulsion at the sole discretion of the PCA

43. Participant or staff abuse will not be tolerated. A participant will incur a penalty up to and including disqualification for any abuse towards another participant or staff member, and the participant could be asked to leave the property. Repeated etiquette violations, including, but not limited to, touching another participant’s chess pieces, body, or clothing, delay of game and excessive chatter will result in penalties.

44. The “CHESS WARS” tournament is subject to all applicable federal, state, Provincial and local laws and regulations, including gaming, and all aspects of the PCA “CHESS WARS” tournaments  are subject to the approval of appropriate regulatory authorities in whatever country they may be held in.

 45. Tournament Rules and any and all changes in the rules and event descriptions for the  “CHESS WARS” Tournaments will be available at the Tournament facilities as well as on the internet on the PCA web site, on the “CHESS WARS” page here at

46. Where a situation arises that is not covered by these rules, PCA shall have the sole authority to render a judgment, including the imposition of a penalty, in accordance with the best interests of the Tournament and the maintenance of its integrity, fairness and public confidence.


47. Prior to entering and playing in the Tournament, each participant must execute a Participant Release Form. Failure to do so may, at the option of PCA acting in its sole and absolute discretion, subject the participant to immediate disqualification at any point in the Tournament. If the participant is disqualified he or she shall forfeit all entry fees paid and not be entitled to receive any Tournament prize monies or any other prize.

48. For all Tournaments taped for television, participants may wear apparel with multiple logos, patches or promotional language. PCA reserves the right at all times to impose a ban on any apparel deemed objectionable by PCA, in its sole and absolute discretion.

49. The following are deemed acceptable sizes and placements for events taped for television.

A. Primary Garment. No single company name, brand, or affiliated and similar name or brand is to be represented more than twice on any individual article of clothing. A maximum of 100 total placements per player are deemed acceptable.

i. Front or Back.  The logo’s, patch’s or block of promotional language for any sponsors may not be larger than 12 square inches.

ii. Sleeves and/or Shoulder. . No individual logo, patch or block of promotional language in these areas is to be larger than six square inches

 B. Hats may be worn at tables intended for television taping and may display any logo or promotional language except for those logoed items (e.g., sports teams) sold to the general public through traditional commercial retail outlets and not deemed by PCA to be an advertising message; a decision that PCA will make in its sole and absolute discretion. Temporary tattoos, adhesive strips for the skin, and “band – aids” with logos or promotional language are permitted at any time. However, any obscene tattoos will not be tolerated and must be removed at the sole discretion of the PCA.

i. At the start of each television taping day, no more than two (2) participants at the tables Featured for television coverage – will be allowed to wear apparel with logos, patches or promotional language from the same entity.

ii. Should there be more than one participant representing the same sponsorship entity at the start of a televised Final or Feature table.

iii. Participants at the televised Final 8 matches held in the arena can only wear logo’s or  patches or promotional language to their apparel from registered sponsors. PCA will be checking on all logos and patches worn by contestants throughout the tournament to make sure that the logo’s and patches won by the contestant are registered. (It is paramount that PCA PRO PLAYER members register all of their sponsors so that they are protected under their sponsorship contracts for the revenue sharing formulas provide by the player and the PCA)

 C. Under no circumstances will PCA permit any participant to wear any logo, slogan or promotional language of any organization (or any parent, affiliate or subsidiary of any organization) that PCA, acting in its sole discretion, determines:

i. Contains any false, unsubstantiated, or unwarranted claims for any product or service, or make any testimonials that PCA, in its sole and absolute discretion, considers unethical;

ii. Advertises any non – prescription or non “over the counter” drug, tobacco product, firearm or firearm ammunition;

iii. Contains any material constituting or relating to a lottery, a contest of any kind in which the public is unfairly treated or any enterprise, service or product that abets, assists or promotes illegal activity;

iv. Contains any material that is defamatory, obscene, profane, vulgar, repulsive or offensive, either in theme or in treatment or that describes or depicts repellently any internal bodily functions or symptomatic results of internal conditions, or refers to matters that are not considered socially acceptable topics;

v. Advertises any pornographic products;

 vi. Includes any element of intellectual property without the owner’s consent to such use or that may give rise to any claim of infringement, misappropriation, or other form of unfair competition;
vii. Disparages or libels any person or product;
viii. Is engaged in (or is alleged to have been engaged in) conduct that PCA deems inappropriate, or which PCA determines could or does negatively impact the business or privileged status of PCA, its parent or any of its affiliates; or

ix. Are or might be injurious or prejudicial to the interests of the “CHESS WARS” tournament or PCA or is otherwise contrary to honest advertising and reputable business in general. This includes, but is not limited to, the name or logo of any person or entity that uses or has used the trademarks, trade names or logos of PCA or its affiliated companies without written authorization from an authorized officer of PCA.

D. PCA reserves the right at all times to impose a ban on any apparel deemed objectionable by PCA, in its sole and absolute discretion. PCA reserves the right to refuse entry or continued participation in an event to any participant who does not comply with the aforementioned apparel rules.

50. Participants may not cover or conceal their facial identity. Tournament officials must be able to distinguish the identity of each participant at all times and may instruct participants to remove any material that inhibits their identification or is a distraction to other participants or Tournament officials. Participants CANNOT  wear sunglasses OR sweat shirts with hoods, but may be asked to remove  them if Tournament officials cannot identify them.


51. Floor People: The Tournament Director, Managers, and Supervisors are to consider the best interest of the game and fairness as the top priority in the decision – making process. Unusual circumstances can on occasion dictate that decisions in the interest of fairness take priority over the technical rules. The Tournament Director (“TD”) reserves the right to overrule any floor decision.

52. PCA reserves the right to cancel or alter any event at its sole discretion in the best interest of the PCA or its participants.

53. Official Language: English – this rule will be only be enforced at all “CHESS WARS” tables during Tournament play. Participants who violate this rule are subject to expulsion.

54. Official Terminology of Tournament Chess: Official terms are simple, unmistakable, and governed by time – honored chess tournament rules for knockout competitions.

55. Communication: All cell phones and other voice – enabled and “ringing” electronic devices must be left outside of the tournament area.  If PCA, acting in its sole and absolute discretion, believes a participant is communicating with another participant at the table, or with any guest or audience member, both parties, or others, will be immediately disqualified from the Tournament and face imposition of additional penalties as determined by PCA. If Fraud is suspected PCA may involve law enforcement officials. All participants desiring to talk on a cell phone must be at least one table length away from their assigned table during all said communication. No cell phones or other electronic communication device can be brought into the tournament area.

56. Non-Approved Electronic Devices ; Prohibited Filming and Streaming :

a) P articipants are NOT allowed to use any electronic devices iPods, MP3 players or wear head phones of any description. It is essential that electronic devices are not used to collude or cheat in any way.  An announcement will be made to participants prior to play starting that they must remove all electronic devices from their person. PCA staff will be pleased to check in your electronic device until you are ready to leave the play area. If you are found with an electronic device of any kind during tournament play you may face expulsion from the tournament.

b) Participants are prohibited from using any electronic or other devices to record or capture video or audio footage at any time during Tournament play, whether or not the Participant is involved in a game or not. Recording, capturing and/or live streaming video or audio footage of the Tournament , and any attempt to use such recorded, captured or streamed video or audio by a Participant, whether involved in a game or not, will subject the Participant to penalties and potential disqualification, in the sole and absolute discretion of PCA, Filming of any kind will violate the PCA copyrights and any infringements and unauthorized distribution of any footage will result in prosecution.

57. Tournament staff reserves the right to relocate participants from their assigned seat to accommodate participants based on special needs, and to balance tables at the start of the Tournament.


58. Dinner breaks are listed on their respective structure sheet.

59. The duration of Play for day one of all events is noted on each event’s structure sheet.


60. Play on Day 2 and beyond may be suspended at the end of ten hour s of play, and will resume the following day.

61. If an event has not reached a winner and is heads up afte r the completion of ten hours of play on its final scheduled day, play may be extended for one additional level or to the next day in order to com plete the event.

 62. The Tournament Director may modify the schedule of play for any event for any reason.

63. Participant Disputes: All participant disputes with PCA shall be resolved in accordance with Nevada law or the appropriate and applicable laws of any state, Province, territory or country in which the event is held:

(C) Copyright 2018 PCA Professional Chess Association Ltd.